GrupoPaisano through Inverpaisa, constituted the first Impact Investment Fund Inverpaisa I. This Fund provides to its investors the opportunity of co-invest with safety, simplicity, and reliability in the Mexican field. With each Impact Investment Project, the investors have the possibility of contributing to the sustainable development of whole communities and the creation of well-paid employments in the sector. With the holistic work of the companies and the non-profit organization of the Group, there is an economic growth for the investors and producers, but also a social welfare, increase of human development, and environmental preservation.

This Impact Fund invests in four Impact Productive Projects in the states of Michoacán, Oaxaca, Veracruz, and Estado de México. In these states, the production takes place, as well as the transformation, commercialization, and distribution in high growth segments and of the farming sector.

All the Projects are developed with a multidisciplinary program of incubation, acceleration, strategic consulting, and finance in order to consider the profitable, solidary, and sustainable economy, the dignified social conditions, the environmental preservation, and the boost of human development. Each of these aspects is fundamental for the consolidation of the generated companies since the human factor is very important in all the Impact Investment Projects.

In this Impact Investment Fund of GrupoPaisano , the investors participate as partners providing economic resources. The micro and small scale producers with experience in the production, the lands, and the work are partners of the companies in the projects.

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Inverpaisa I provides Impact Investment Projects working and growth capital focused to the full production cycle, marketing and distribution of goods in the agro-industrial sector.

All projects in which the Fund invests have the support of GrupoPaisano at each stage of the chain of value, as it hires a group of specialists who will administer the companies until funds have been divested, with this we have the the experience, capacity, innovation in different areas and the commercial support in order to make the resources and their impact more efficient in the communities where they are developed.

The Impact Investment Projects of GrupoPaisano are generated by the business incubator ImpulsoPaisano, and they have unique characteristics:

  • a) A well-structured Business Plan that includes the necessary for success in all phases: financial resources, production (innovations, environmental preservation, crop rotation), physical structures for its industrialization (packaging plants, of purees and frozen foods, among others), transformation of mental paradigms to make successful entrepreneurs the micro and small producers, this meets the Fund’s financial and social objectives.
  • b) The administration of each company generated in the Impact Investment Projects is in charge of the group of specialists hired by the Fund and supervised by ImpulsoPaisano during the whole period of investment. GrupoPaisano shall educate and train the benefited producers, their families, and the members of the community. Once the fund deinvests from the project, the producers take control of the destiny of their own companies.
  • c) Each project impacts more than 500 producer families since it is formed by micro and small scale producers associated in several Societies of Rural Production (SPR) forming the generated companies.
  • d) By being part of the Investment Projects of GrupoPaisano, these families stop selling their products with brokers, substantially increasing their profit through a straight trade in the commercialization channels created by ProductosPaisano for this purpose.
  • e) The commercialization channels created by the Group are reliable, everlasting, and are interested in the straight trade with the micro and small scale producers. The final distributors have high financial strength and excellent reputation. Also, large industrial consumers are integrated.
  • f) The internal rate of return to the investors is around 28.5% annually and the breakeven in eight years. The investor partners have the opportunity to reinvest the profit generated in other Impact Investment Funds of Inverpaisa in order to access different projects.

  • The Impact Investment Fund InverpaisaI issues Certificates of Investment on the financial resources of each investor ,these are invested with predefined rules and in a transparent way in each process and operation of the projects.

    The repayment, procedure and timing, as well as all administration and procurement plans were established since the formation of the trust. The investors and the Fund manager manage the trust through the Technical Committee, acquiring full control over their interests in the Fund.

    The social companies created from the Impact Investment Fund of GrupoPaisano, whose producers are partners, allow a comprehensive development of the community. The economic aspect, settled by the financial resources attracted by Inverpaisa, the human development, the social welfare, and the environmental preservation are a consequence of the intervention of the Group, and the solidary and coordinated work of the producers.

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